The Foundation Council is made up of:

  • Two representatives from the Canton of Vaud.
  • Three representatives from the City of Lausanne.
  • One representative from the Union of Municipalities of the Canton of Vaud (UCV).
  • One representative of Lausanne Hotels.
  • One representative of Lausanne Region.
Other bodies :
  • Executive delegation: named by the Foundation Council, the aim of this delegation is to represent the Council and accompany the strategic development. It is made up of Grégoire Junod, Natacha Litzistorf, Jean-Baptiste Leimgruber and Nicolas Gigandet.
  • Strategic Commission: this body unites the Executive delegation and the Foundation Council with the members of Management and Administrative Council of MCH Group.
Representatives from the Canton of Vaud
Representatives from the City of Lausanne
Representative from the UCV
Representative of Lausanne Hotels
Representative of Lausanne Region

Foundation Council

Grégoire Junod
Trustee for the City of Lausanne
Director for culture and urban development
Vice President
Jean-Baptiste Leimgruber
Representative of the State Council of the Canton of Vaud
Deputy to the office for economic affairs and trade (SPECo)
Council Secretary
Denis Decosterd
Conseiller de la Municipalité Ville de Lausanne
Culture et développement urbain
Stefano Brunetti Imfeld
President of Hôtellerie lausannoise
General Director of Hôtel de la Paix
Florence Germond
Municipal for the City of Lausanne
Director for finance and mobility
Natacha Litzistorf
Municipal for the City of Lausanne
Director for housing, environment and architecture
Bernard Rüeger
Representative of the State Council of the Canton of Vaud
General Director of
Rüeger SA
Claudine Wyssa
President of UCV
Trustee for Bussigny-près-Lausanne
Thierry Amy
Trustee of the city of Cugy
Representative of Lausanne Region

Managing Director

Nicolas Gigandet

One mission, bring Beaulieu to life

For the last 100 years, Beaulieu has provided a building complex dedicated to the hosting of events of general and public interest. It includes Switzerland’s largest theater and multiple professional working spaces.

The variety of tenants, active in the domains of events planning, media, culture, training and sport, ensure Beaulieu’s financial stability and enable the Foundation to fulfill its role as a public actor, bringing a steady stream of vitality to the surrounding area.


Fondation de Beaulieu
Head Office
Avenue des Bergières 10
1004 Lausanne

+41 21 643 99 99