One mission : bring Beaulieu to life

The Beaulieu Foundation is a private entity run by public bodies from Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud. Owner of the Beaulieu Exhibition and Convention Center, its aim is to provide an efficient, contemporary and competitive tool for the Vaud economy. In charge of the site’s development strategy, the Foundation handles the management of the Théâtre de Beaulieu in tandem with Opus One SA, as well as well as the Convention Center. The Beaulieu Foundation also supports, renovates and develops the real-estate patrimony whilst ensuring the logistical and technical maintenance of the site and its parking area.

In 2000, the creation of the Beaulieu Foundation by the Canton of Vaud, the City of Lausanne and the Union of Municipalities of the Canton of Vaud (Lausanne Region and UCV) was intended to revitalize the Beaulieu Congress and Exhibition Center situated at the heart of Lausanne. In accepting this historic real-estate patrimony, the Beaulieu Foundation first took on property-based responsibilities.

From 2000 onwards, the Foundation handled the maintenance, development and modernization of the noticeably aging site, to help it better respond to the requirements and expectations of the different economic actors of the 21st century. Given the poor state of the buildings, the Foundation undertook extensive renovations and launched the Beaulieu 2020 project. At the same time, it managed Beaulieu’s commercial development by building on necessary strategies and networks.

2016 saw the expansion of the Foundation, as it took on the activities abandoned by MCH Beaulieu Lausanne SA:

  • It created the Théâtre de Beaulieu society alongside Opus One SA, which ensured the management of the theater from January 2016 onwards.
  • It assumed responsibility for the Convention Center from May 01, 2016.
  • It became responsible for the site and the parking area’s logistical and technical management from July 01, 2016.

Economic role

No business model can function without an in-depth strategic analysis. It is for this reason that during the 2000s, the Foundation undertook a detailed analysis of the position held by Beaulieu Lausanne in the market for ‘congresses, events, exhibitions and other live demonstrations’. From these initial reflections came the strategic plan, Beaulieu 2020.

In 2015, two new studies, one led by the Foundation and the other by representatives from Lausanne Tourism, Lausanne Region, the City of Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud, analyzed Beaulieu’s position. Essentially, they showed that the site possessed certain undeniable assets:

  • A privileged position in the city-center, close to all amenities and transport facilities.
  • A range of available spaces which enable the site to position itself in a complementary manner regarding its competition. Indeed, Beaulieu is one of the rare centers in Switzerland in which it is possible to hold events for over 4,000 people, whilst still offering additional break-out rooms, indispensable during congresses.
  • A key theater in the region.

A new business framework was thus created in partnership with public and private bodies. This framework provided for:

  • The reduction in total surface area dedicated to fairs and salons, congresses and events, and the reallocation of surface areas liberated.
  • The increase in economic actors and the integration of new partners.
  • The revitalization and renovation of the theater.
  • The resumption of activities relating to congresses and events.
  • The revaluation of existing real-estate patrimony.

It should be remembered that the economic benefits created through convention and exhibition centers are of value to numerous actors from the local economy, both in indirect and direct terms.

Added to this is the conviction that a site offering spaces open day and night, seven days a week, for different types of users and for different types of activity, can represent an urban actor encouraging a more cohesive society.

It is for these reasons that the Foundation, as well as the authorities from Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud, are convinced that it is both possible, and indeed judicious, to invest in Beaulieu.

One mission, bring Beaulieu to life

For the last 100 years, Beaulieu has provided a building complex dedicated to the hosting of events of general and public interest. It includes Switzerland’s largest theater and multiple professional working spaces.

The variety of tenants, active in the domains of events planning, media, culture, training and sport, ensure Beaulieu’s financial stability and enable the Foundation to fulfill its role as a public actor, bringing a steady stream of vitality to the surrounding area.


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